Monday, September 14, 2009

Shout Out: Water Recovery Network for a Process Plant

This is a shout out for the IEM. The CETD will be having a half-day workshop on Saturday, 3rd October, 2009.

Industrial water recovery is commonly accepted as a promising mean to the water scarcity problem faced by the world-wide community. However, many regard that water recovery can only be achieved by the installation of purification units (e.g. filter) at the effluent discharge point of the wastewater treatment tank. This is indeed not true, as there are always direct reuse and recycle opportunities to be explored prior to the use of purification units, provided that appropriate mixing and segregation rules are followed.
Water pinch analysis technique has been widely accepted as a systematic design tool in synthesizing a water recovery network for maximum efficiency. It establishes the minimum fresh water and wastewater flowrates needed for a process plant after maximizing the reuse/recycle potential of its water sources, base on first principle (termed as targeting). After the water flowrate targets are established, some design rules are used to synthesize a network that achieves maximum water recovery.

As for the speaker:

Engr. Dr Dominic Foo is an Associate Professor with the University of Nottingham,
Malaysia Campus. Engr Dr Foo is a world leading researcher for waste minimisation,
focusing on the systematic design of water recovery systems. He published more than 40 journal papers and made more than 100 presentations in various conferences. He is a book editor on the design and optimisation techniques for sustainable processes. Engr Dr Foo conducts training for practising engineers in the area of waste minimisation and process simulation.

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