Monday, September 28, 2009

Shout Out - Emerging Technologies to Monetize Small Natural Gas Resources

This is a shout out for the IEM. The CETD will be having a talk on Saturday 10th October, 2009. It'll be at 9:00 am (makan-makan at 11:00) at Wisma IEM.

Extract from the flyer:

The number of large natural gas fields for mankind’s exploitation is reducing as we go into the future. Future natural gas fields are relatively smaller, scattered in various geographical locations and contains higher acidic components. As the world’s energy demand continues, there is an urgent need to develop emerging technologies to monetize small natural gas resources around the globe which could not be economically carried out now.

The above will be presented by Dr. Ir. Chan Tuck Leong, is a Chemical Engineer graduated from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. He is currently the Head of Gas Technology in the gas business of the national oil company. His responsibility covers assessment of emerging gas monetization technology for commercialization and exploitation of small gas reserves.

Fliers for the above and other events may be obtained here.

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