Monday, June 14, 2010


A Technical Talk was organised by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division (CETD) entitled “Use of organic matter from agro-industrial processes in Malaysia: Potential, Technologies and Perspectives” on 13th May 2010 at C&S Lecture Room, 2nd Floor of Wisma IEM. The talk was delivered by Reza Dzulkiflee and Baptise Kervyn. Ten (10) members attended the talk.

The talk started with Mr Baptiste Kervyn introducing why organic matter management was required and important. He raised an important topic on Organic Matter (OM) cycle which was long being forgotten. He also discussed the Malaysian agriculture industry and explained how agriculture has impacted the environment and energy of Malaysia. Next, he raised another important point for the audience to ponder about, i.e. what is the relationship between agriculture, environment and energy, and how to maintain the sustainability. The answer was through a proper OM management system. He then highlighted some tools in OM management, which include energy generation from wastewater, composting, ferti-irrigation. An integration of all these tools is illustrated using a few case studies from palm oil and sugar cane milling industries. Mr Reza Dzulkiflee discussed further in detail on the biogas generation from wastewater. He focused on the case studies in South America and Malaysia. Finally, interesting conclusions were drawn by Mr Baptiste. The talk ended with a Q&A session at about 6.45 pm. On behalf of the Chemical Engineering Technical Division, Ir. Razmahwata Mohd Razalli presented a token of appreciation to Reza Dzulkiflee and Baptise Kervyn.

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Engr Dr Chong Mei Fong

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