Monday, April 12, 2010

Report - How to Maximise the Potential of Water Reuse/ Recycle

A Technical Talk was organised by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division (CETD) entitled “How to maximise the potential of water reuse/recycle” on 6th August 2009 at C&S Lecture Room, 2nd Floor of Wisma IEM. The talk was delivered by Associate Professor Ir Dr Dominic Foo. Sixteen (16) members attended the talk.

The speaker started the talk by showing some relevant data on domestic water consumption followed by examples of water usage in chemical processing plants. The speaker then deliberated numerous water recycling options available using an industrial case study. It was emphasized that without a systematic method, it is extremely difficult to identify cost effectiveness of water recovery schemes. The speaker then presented a graphical plot in water pinch analysis technique, i.e. the composite curves to identify the maximum water recovery potential in a process plant. The technique identifies the minimum fresh water needed as well as minimum wastewater that can be generated for the process, prior to the detailed network design. Several Malaysian case studies were also presented and as usual, the talk ended with a Q&A session at about 6.45 pm. On behalf of IEM’s Chemical Engineering Technical Division, Engr Hj. Tunai Shamsidi Bin Ahmad presented a token of appreciation to Associate Professor Ir Dr Dominic Foo and thanked him for his very informative talk.

Reported by,
Engr Hj. Tunai Shamsidi Bin Ahmad

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